Monday, April 23, 2007

Drain drops keep fallin' on my head

The bathroom is nearing completion. The floor went in with very few problems. There is one little bubble that won't let go of its hold under the vinyl, but otherwise all is well. The toilet went in with no tears and few profanaties and seems to work. We haven't had the inagural use just yet.

The shower education seems to be complete and once we have a full day we'll get the tile in and be done with that. We bought a little tile snapper thing that actually works pretty well. We're hopeful that it'll work on the bigger floor tiles too.

The pedistal sink is another story. We tried to do the plumbing carefully so everything would just slip right in. no one told us that the stupid drain that came with the faucet would be a totally useless size and generally a piece of crap. Now we've got the weakest link in the connection in the hardest to reach spot and after two tries the damn thing still drips slowly. We'll be taking it out and re-doing the drain pipe where it connects to the drain for the last time here soon. Either we'll have a drain that doesn't leak, or a shiny bucket under the sink.


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