Friday, May 04, 2007

fraternal order of masons

We've recieved our tile lesson and done our first masonry project! Now we're anxiously waiting for someone to reveal the secret hiding place of the Knights Templar. Stay tuned for the next post "Mark drank from the grail and melted all his skin."

The shower is looking good and all of the tile is done. Once we figure out which sealer to use we'll put on the last touches. We did a final leak test and everything passed. Once the grout is sealed we'll find a way to hang a cool curtian and we're in business and smelling like roses.

The third time has proven to be the charm for the pedistal sink. Either that or a real rubber gasket. We finally broke down and replaced the piece-o-crap gasket that came from home depot and got something that actually fills the gaps between the pipes. Miraculously this 99 cent upgrade stopped the leak in the drain.


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