Monday, May 07, 2007

there's a hole in the pipe dear liza

Won't the fun ever stop?

This past weekend we put in two new windows in the kitchen. One went in smoothly and re-affirmed Mark's faith in his window abilities, the other stayed more true to the theme of the house.

After much shaving, sanding and grinding the second window went in while it rained. Fortunately the rain was a nice slow drizzle and the flowers and lawn loved it. Even better, none came inside. Unfortunately we don't own a power planer and mark shaved the window opening with a knive and rasp...good times.

The first cabinet and section of counter top was also removed this weekend. We're past the point of no return!

The project of note, however, was the lead pipe for the bathroom (downstairs) sink. The previous owners have outdone themselves on this project. Uncle fester or whoever he was used a combo of hot glue, construction adhesive and spray foam to create a royal mess of a pipe that should have just been replaced. one little leak under the sink turned into a long section of lead pipe removal and some fun with the giant copper T that leads to the main sewer pipe.

The various adhesives mentioned above were used to plug several leaks, all of which opened up as we tried to remove what we thought was one leaky little section. Hopefully the moron who did the patches can find this listing....dear moron, come get your perferated lead pipe we're holding it for you and Mark would like to talk to you about hot glue as a plumbing tool.

Anyway, the pipe doesn't leak any more. the sink still does, but that's only because it's not connected to the pipe yet. we have to buy some hot glue for that.


At 12:24 PM, Anonymous amylee said...

You two need to quit your jobs and become contractors. Your work looks a lot better than most professional jobs do!


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