Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Let there be light!....please?

Proving once again that we lack divine touch we've failed to create light. Hopefully home depot has some that we can get without having to talk to anyone. Since I know the major stock holders for Lowes are dedicated readers of this blog, could you pretty please build a store close to us? I know just the location, right now there's a home depot on the lot, but I'm sure they'll move for someone with a sense of customer service.

Mark keeps writing this, but really, even though it's been almost a month since the last post, we're working on the house. Last weekend Jen made phenomenal steps toward getting the upstairs insulated and Mark made a mess of the bathroom.

Where once we had ugly 1980's vanity lights, now we have a gaping hole and tangle of conduit. Mark decided to undertake a simple project (no, he can't be taught) to get a little gratification on getting something done. It should have been easy, it should have been clean, we should have known better.

After discovering two layers of drywall and hacking through them we found 3 junction boxes with the standard twists of wire behind the wall. In one way it is kind of fun because you can see where the bathroom lights and medicine cabinets were over the years. In another way it's kind of scary because there were a total of 4 boxes, with only one accessible and all had power and the usual shoddy wiring. It's also fortunate that Mark never got electrocuted putting up the bathroom mirror because the wiring for the existing ugly lights was forced between the drywall and studs about 1/4" from where he screwed in the mirror. Aparently the previous bathroom renovators didn't own a drill and couldn't rent a clue.

Unfortunatley the hole in the wall remains and there is no light. We did get fun pewter fixtures and once Mark can get the wiring in we will have light (we hope).

One lesson we have learned from this project is that it is completely worth the high price you pay in reciprocating saw blades and dust to avoid cutting the old galvanized conduit with a pipe cutter. Unfortunately it looks like we may be coming close to exhausting the Roybi saw's lease on life. Every cut now produces a wonderful burning smell. The good news is that the conduit leaves a great hole for pulling romex.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Tomato Hedge

While progress may seem to have slowed on the house, the garden is picking up the slack! So far we have enjoyed both green and orange bell peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, and a carrot so far. The tomatoes are doing especially well - to the point of taking over an unsuspecting row of peppers. Despite our best efforts of containing the hearty plants, we are stuck with a tomato hedge.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I've got a door in my pocket

well actually we've got a door in the garrage, but sometime we'll have a door in our newly installed pocket. After a little monkey work we've installed a28" pocket door frame to the upstairs bathroom. Everyone should cross their fingers to make sure that the door will fit. There isn't room for a floor plate under the frame and we're hoping that there isn't need either.

This weekend should mark another milestone in the upstairs construction project as we get the lights wired, closet finished and some insulation up.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

and on the 316th day there was light

We've passed another major project with success. This weekend Mark's dad came down and the two of them spent a very hot day installing a fancy new skylight. As per usual the day provided a few learning experiences, but it was generally a smooth process. We burned through four saw blades and almost one saw. Even the good Milwaulkee bi-metal sawzall blades were no match for the layers of tar, nails and metal flashing on the roof. On the good side, we'll happily trade four saw blades to avoid having to go onto our steep and scary roof.

The skylight looks great and the roof doesn't leak or sag so we're putting a mark in the success column for this one. Stay tuned for more adventures!