Monday, December 18, 2006

Imelda Marcos Come Home!

Hooray for progress. This weekend we did more sanding and more sloping of joint compound and are hopefully very close to done with that mess. Mark's dad came down and we were able to do most of the built in desk inder the stairs and the office side of the stair wall. We also got the shoe shelf to end all shoe shelves into the upstairs closet. That task marks the official closing of the living space upstairs. Someday soon we'll get a door in and we'll be able to isolate the nice clean hole that will be the bathroom from out endless drywall dust.

As soon as we can decide on what flavor of toilet to install upstairs we'll get cracking on the plumbing and we'll move ahead with the bathroom.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Time flies when you're procrastinating

almost a month ago we published the ode to mud...the ode continues so we're proposing a change, "ode" is no longer apropraite, it's now an epic. hundreds of years from now this epic will be required reading in classes that wish they were assigned tie Illiad instead.

You might be asking yourself, "why an epic" well it's a little bit ADD and a little bit desire to do something that doesn't make us want to cry. This weekend we did get another coat of joint compount up (mostly) and you'll be happy to know it's the last one. We also sealed the other new window on the first floor, replaced some weather stripping and now have something of an insulated box to live in. The rain gutters are now free of ice so we took the oportunity to do a last bit of touchup work on them and spent some time fighting with the enormous hedge that's trying to eat our house. We'll be pulling more of the hedge out as we go. The first plan was to reduce the thing, but that isn't going to happen in an attractive way, so we'll yank it. We have to do this, because removing the hedge leads to finishing the bedroom....once we've done everything we possibly can to avoid the bedroom we'll finally get to it.