Wednesday, October 25, 2006

where's waldo?

we know you're out there...somewhere. it's time to step up and make yourself known.

Although we amuse ourselves tremendously, we want to know who else we're amusing. Drop a comment would ya?

While you're thinking about what to write we'll give you this fun link to a great idea book for storage. Please note, the book might look like an instructional book, but don't be fooled, it's a good idea book with no real instruction. Perhaps we'll have pictures of our fancy pants drawers like the ones on the cover of the book soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

blinded by the light

revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night...

the house is now awash in light, and a cool breeze. Both of our new fans have been installed, one twice. Before you ask what we screwed up, it's important to note that we screwed nothing up. We didn't even have an injury on this there!

The fan in the living room proved to be too much light...ok, so the lights on the fan, the fan itself doesn't generate light. see, when you get all picky about semantics it takes me a month to get over it and update the blog. so anyway, the light was too bright in the living room for casual living (our patented Martha Stewart repellant). it's great for reading or working, but too much for reclining on the couch. The previously installed remote unit only gave an on/off option. We decided to pull that out, run a little three wire (which went thankfully smooth) and add a dimmer switch. It really works nicely and installation was a breeze (heh!).

Ultimately it looks like we didn't need the remotes anyway. for some reason it looked like the remove would detach from the wall and provide a little hand held unit that could be used from the couch or wherever. That seemed like a great idea, get in bed, then turn off the light (no clapper thank you). unfortunately the remote doesn't detach and the one that actually does looks a little bit like a fisher price spaceship. Really the only reason to do the remote is if you can't get new wire to the fan, or in our case if you don't read well and have thrown away the packaging and aren't going to eat $40 to keep the remote and do a dimmer as well.

so anyway, we have all of the lights and fans in downstairs and they look really nice. the ceiling is painted and that looks nice too...if you lie flat on your back and look only at the ceiling, sheilding the walls from your view.

Another project off the list.

By the way, yesterday marked 6 months in the house. Unfortunately the answer to the question on everyone's mind is no. no, we're not living upstairs yet...

by the way, if you're wondering where that first part came from I've got some good classic rock for you as homework.

Monday, October 23, 2006

drive in carwash

The recent snow proved to be too much for our garrage roof, but not in the catastrophic failure way we had hoped. the pool of water on top found a lot of little holes to get through so we had a nice spritz going in the garage.

A little tar goop from Ace Hardware (got it all over our helpful hands) and a new roll of shingles fixed the problem right up (we hope). We haven't actually put any water on the roof, but we can only assume that two cans of goop sealed everything. The ideal situation would involve a new roof, but we're currently hoping for new walls at the same time we get a new roof. All told the project cost under $50 and that's the right range for our high dollar garage.

As a special side note, the roof goop was only $8.99 at Ace instead of $14.99 at our least favorite Depot. As an added bonus, there is no stupidity to endure when getting the roof goop at Ace. As usual the Habitat for Humanity Outlet helped save the day with a full roll of felt paper for $5. If anyone needs some felt we still have 3/4 of the thing left. I'll sell it to you for $15.

Perhaps next time it snows the whole garrage will fall over and we can get a new one. Nature, if you're reading this, please have a North wind handy so teh garage falls onto the carport and not the neighbors new fence. We want a new garage, not angry neighbors or a fence building project.