Monday, June 11, 2007

The countertops are in!

Monday, June 04, 2007

pain and suffering

We have more progress to report!

The tile is almost all the way done. We just have a little patch by the back door/bathroom and a small bit of grout to do. We'll have to figure out the bathroom situation before moving forward with the last patch of tile.

This weekend we got most of the grout in and it looks fantastic. It dried about 5 shades lighter than we thought it would, but that actually looks great. We were thinking the grout would be a tanish color and it dried more of a light kahki. Fortunately the grout went in easily and should seal up nicely so we can get the dishwasher in place tonight or tomorrow.

Last night we replaced the column that hides the wiring for the bar lights and the under cabinet lights and did the last of the needed leveling for the counters.

Counters come on the 6th and that will be a happy day. We need to doa little drywall work before then and get some trim on the windows. Once the counters are in all we'll have to do is put the doors on the cabinets, hook up the sink and hang the microwave. Stay tuned for more.