Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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Somehow July has almost escaped and by the looks of the blog we haven't done anything to the house. By the looks of the house we haven't done anything to the house!

Fortunately for our sanity, we actually have done things to the house. For starters the basement is wired, so are the upstairs outlets and the furnace is almost wired. We've got the starts of a desk under the stairs (doing a built in desk/shelf unit) and as soon as we can find the right laminate that will be done.

More importantly the Chimney's are whole again! Fidel and his nephew spend three days figuring out how to build a scaffold that would fit between our tightly spaced houses and two days fixing all of our chimneys. Prospective home buyers take note, we expect top dollar in equity for the fixed brick work.

In other news the dormer is almost completely painted. The new paint doesn't really match the old paint so we'll see how long it is before we post an update titled "Mark gets sick of paint that doesn't match and paints the whole house."

Upcoming projects:

  • Wire 2nd floor lights

  • Install skylight

  • install pocket door frame for 2nd floor bathroom

  • finish framing closet once door frame is in

Monday, July 03, 2006

Nature strikes back!

Nature has grown tired of our un-American attempts to be reasonable in home ownership. Apparently we've been supporting terrorists by buying compost bins, growing an organic garden and recycling and no one likes terrorists...especially GW. Our house seems to be one of the many on NSA watchlists and we've been smote (smoten? smited? smit?) for our bad behavior. Just before 4:15 on this rainy Colorado day, GW gave the order to his friend in the sky and lightning bolts were cast forth. One of them struck our chimney and blew up the top. As if that was not enough, the lightning sought the source of our evil and destroyed the TV and our cable modem.

If the fire from above didn't send a clear enough message, the walls began to bleed, and did so for some time. By "bleed" of course, we mean leak...water. We ended up with a happy little pool in the basement. The water went straight for Mark's textbooks. The NSA even knows what is in your boxes. If you're not going to participate in the dumbing of America, you're not doing your duty and your books get taken away.

Well GW, you win this one, we got the message. We know that TV's are for watching Fox News and rightly deserved to have ours taken away for watching the Discovery Channel instead. We know that the internet is not a place to get informed, it's a place to consume - particularly things that run on gas...we're sorry.