Wednesday, August 15, 2007

blah blah blah, did some work, blah blah

we're past the point of apologizing for the long delay in posts. it's not that we don't care about the readers as much as it is that we don't care to admit it's been a month since we really did anything to the house except more firmly entrench the butt prints in the couch.

so we've done some entrenching, add to that a few windows, a door and some cabinets and one can see that we really have made profress. We got the deal of the century at the Habitat Outlet for our bathroom cabinets.

An almost 80% discount got us some really cool cabinets with a few owies. Mark's master craftsmanship has repaired the top of the linen hutch and we're a bit stuck on how to fix the medicine cabinets.

We've also replaced the front window to the house and now we can see! there is a world out there. we thought so.

This past weekend we replaced the front door and had a generally less than fun time with that project. The old door was made out of depleted uranium, dust and pointy things. All together that makes for one heavy, hurty, dirty door. The new door looks bueno and will eventually get painted when we decide what color to make the house.

next up, add trim to everything we just replaced. After that, replace the window that mark broke in the office.