Wednesday, February 28, 2007

reader survey

We've come full circle on kitchen cabinets. The first thought was for something white and clean and a little bit country cottage minus the country and hummels. We abandoned that thought for a while in favor of birch or maple or something else in the hardwood category. Recent opinion polls show that white is the new maple and now we're stuck on what style to get. The nice thing about white is that it costs a few grand less (prospective buyers, it's worth thousands, if not millions more, pay lots for this kitchen).

The two leading options at the moment are a shaker style (pictured on top) or a more nantucket style (below). Since we're probably getting Ikea that translates to Kvykstüt-bÖrk style or bÖrkl-üurügrd style.

which do you like? need a bigger view? (link fixed as of March 1)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Notes from the trenches

Having taken forever to get back to the blog and make an update (that statement isn't really news anymore, is it?) we should like to have a good deal more progress to report than we actually do. We've spent the last month painting, working on things other than the house and trying to come to terms with Mark's obsessive desire to have a kitchen that doesn't totally suck to cook in.

The upstairs looks much like it did in the pictures below with the exception of a few scattered clothes and a nifty new platform bed. Mark added the drawers to the closet but hasn't figured out how to do the drawer faces in an interesting manner yet. We also finally found a style of drapes that we like at target. Unfortunately they only had one, so we have half drape, half mat board window coverings - classy.

The single biggest change to date has been the fireplace mantle. We once thought it was beyond salvation but it's been saved. Jen spent a day painting it and the ugly mantle that made us want to throw up is actually pretty acceptable. We need to figure out a good idea to replace the fake brick with something nicer, but that's a fairly low priority.

Stay tuned for more progress and cross your fingers for us. If the taxman is nice we'll have a kitchen soon and you're all invited for hommade pizza!

Monday, February 05, 2007

puttin on the ritz

Another weekend gone, more progress logged. This weekend brought the addition of two lovely sets of window trim, a little paint and a bit more trim on the walls.

The downstairs windows are starting to look good now that we don't see raw brick and everything is mostly lined up. The raw brick idea would be nice, but we have to keep reminding ourselves that exposed brick isn't worth the work. Maybe once we hit the lottery, but not now. The trim went up easily with the new Craftsman chop saw (note to selves, get the Rigid one next time) and an air nailer from Mark's folks. Some of the bricks resisted the idea of being nailed and made neat little nail mushrooms, but in the end brute force prevailed. Stay tuned for the "help, the window fell out of the broken bricks" blog entry in the future.

We put up a trail piece of crown moulding upstairs and it makes a huge difference in helping the goofball ceiling look straight.

Earlier this week Mark spent a less than lovely day in the crawl space cleaning out mystery crap and starting the insulation of the ducts. Someday soon he'll misbehave and be banished back to teh crawl space to finish the project. The only plus is that the weather has been cold enough that there were no aparent creepy crawlies in the crawl space.